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At The Tint & Frost Boss, we specialise in a broad spectrum of window film services designed to meet the diverse needs of our residential and commercial clients. Our expert team is equipped to handle projects of all sizes, ensuring each client receives a tailored, high-quality solution.

Residential Window Tinting

Upgrade your home with our premium window tinting service for enhanced comfort and privacy. Our tints not only improve the aesthetics but also provide practical benefits. Imagine a home where harsh sunlight turns into a soft glow, thanks to our advanced tints acting as a shield against heat. Say goodbye to discomfort and high temperatures as our technology keeps your home cool.

Our tints also tackle glare, creating a serene environment with improved visibility. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or entertaining, our premium tints ensure an optimal visual experience. Additionally, prioritise your family’s well-being by protecting them from harmful UV rays. Our window film tints act as a barrier, allowing you to enjoy natural light without compromising safety.

Extend the life of your furnishings with our window tinting service, preventing sun damage. Our tints safeguard against fading and deterioration, preserving your investments. Enjoy privacy without sacrificing natural light – our tints strike a perfect balance, letting you appreciate the scenery outside while maintaining a discreet and protected environment.

Commercial Window Tinting Example

Commercial Window Tinting

Enhance your business space with our top-notch window tinting service for a better atmosphere and privacy. Our professional-grade tints make your space look better and offer practical benefits. Imagine a workspace where strong sunlight turns into a soft glow, thanks to our advanced tints keeping excess heat out. Say goodbye to discomfort and keep a comfortable working temperature with our advanced technology.

Our tints also fight glare, creating a focused and productive environment. Whether in meetings, working on projects, or meeting clients, our premium tints provide a glare-free setting with improved visibility. Prioritize your team’s and clients’ well-being by protecting them from harmful UV rays. Our tints act as a barrier, allowing natural light without compromising safety.

Protect your office furniture and decor with our commercial window tinting service. The sun’s rays can be damaging, causing furniture and artwork to fade. Our tints act as a shield, preventing damage and extending the life of your valuable items.

Find the perfect balance between openness and privacy in your business space. Our window tints let you enjoy the view while keeping a discreet and secure environment. Create a workspace that shows professionalism, comfort, and a commitment to quality.

Front Door and Entrance Window Frosting

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films offer a practical solution for enhancing privacy in various settings without compromising the influx of natural light. These versatile films are particularly well-suited for applications in bathrooms, office partitions, and a myriad of other spaces where both discretion and illumination are paramount.

In bathrooms, frosted window films provide an elegant and cost-effective alternative to traditional window treatments, ensuring privacy while allowing abundant natural light to filter through. The translucency of the frosted film maintains a sense of openness, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere without compromising personal space.

Frosted window films are not limited to bathrooms and offices; they can be seamlessly incorporated into various settings, such as conference rooms, lobbies, and residential spaces. These films serve as an innovative design element, adding a touch of modernity while addressing the dual concerns of privacy and illumination.

The application process is straightforward and non-intrusive, making it a convenient option for those seeking a quick and efficient privacy solution. Additionally, these films can be easily customised to fit specific design preferences, allowing for creativity and personalisation in both residential and commercial contexts.

Window Safety Film

Safety and security films are an indispensable investment in fortifying the vulnerability of glass windows and doors, offering protection for residential and commercial spaces. These specialised films enhance safety by minimising the risks associated with shattered glass, whether caused by accidents, severe weather conditions, or intentional acts.

Events, such as storms or accidents, safety and security films act as a resilient barrier, effectively holding shattered glass together. This crucial feature reduces the potential for injuries resulting from broken glass and mitigates the aftermath of accidents by preventing shards from scattering, thereby minimising collateral damage.

Safety and security films are often equipped with UV-blocking properties, offering an additional benefit by filtering out harmful ultraviolet rays. This feature helps protect interior furnishings, flooring, and other valuable assets from sun damage, extending the lifespan of these items and preserving the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Applying safety and security film is a proactive measure that aligns with a comprehensive approach to safeguarding property and occupants. The installation process is efficient, causing minimal disruption, and the movie can be customised to suit the specific requirements of different glass surfaces.

reeded glass film

Reeded window film

Decorative Window Film

Elevate your windows with the sophisticated charm of reeded privacy film. Mimicking the elegant texture of real fluted glass, this versatile film delivers both style and function. Imagine soft natural light filtering through delicate vertical lines, blurring the outside world while maintaining a bright and airy feel. 

Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere privacy is desired, it subtly enhances your décor with a touch of timeless elegance. Beyond aesthetics, it shields your furnishings from harmful UV rays and even offers some energy efficiency by helping regulate indoor temperatures. 

Choose from adhesive or static cling options, and select the perfect level of transparency to match your needs. Let reeded privacy film transform your windows, infusing them with a touch of luxury and ensuring the perfect balance of light and privacy in your home.

Safety decal/vision strips

In bustling office spaces, glass walls offer light and openness but sometimes pose an invisible threat. Enter vision strips and safety decals, the unsung heroes of workplace safety and aesthetics.

These subtle additions serve a dual purpose: making transparent glass visible to prevent collisions and enhancing the overall look and feel of the office. Vision strips come in various opacities, offering a customisable balance between privacy and visibility. 

Safety decals, often mandated by regulations, feature bold geometric patterns or text warnings to further increase glass awareness. Both options are budget-friendly compared to textured glass, and some decals can even be customised with logos or brand colours, subtly reinforcing company identity.

Whether prioritising safety, privacy, or aesthetics, vision strips and safety decals seamlessly blend functionality with style, creating a safer, more visually appealing office environment for everyone.

window decorative stickers

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti window film is a silent guardian, shielding your windows from the unwanted touch of a spray can or sharp objects. This innovative film protects your windows, absorbing scratches and etchings while keeping the original glass pristine. Remember that even during peak business hours, your windows are immune to permanent markings, saving you the headache and expense of replacements.

Anti-graffiti film enhances security, making windows more resistant to physical attacks. Choose from crystal-clear or subtly frosted finishes that let natural light pour in undisturbed. Its smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze, ensuring even the most determined tagger leaves no trace. Compared to window replacements, this film is a cost-effective champion, safeguarding your budget and windows. 

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